Day 8
Four days of a MedicAlert membership for a child in Canada

No Child Without

Access to emergency health information in a child’s time of need

Wanda Seifried vividly remembers her terror when her son experienced a dramatic seizure during a camping trip in a remote region of Alberta. Even after a diagnosis, Wanda found it exceedingly difficult to let him out of her sight. “It’s really hard when your child is that vulnerable, and things could go sideways at any minute.” NCW gave the Seifried family confidence that they could let him spread his wings and join his friends in everyday activities like school and sports without fear. “I knew no matter who he was with or where he was, as long as an emergency dispatch got a hold of his bracelet, he would be okay.” “I’m so thankful for the No Child Without program,” says Wanda. “I would really love for more families to know about it so they, too, can have the peace-of-mind we do in the event of any emergency.” Wanda and her family feel a great deal of hope, thanks to the donors who support NCW. “I could never put into words how grateful we are,” she says.


Access to emergency health information in a child’s time of need.


Canadian children benefit from a MedicAlert subscription for 4 days, making health records available for medical professionals and first responders.

Countable effort

Number of days that MedicAlert subscriptions are subsidized for any child living with a chronic health condition.


Children living with chronic health conditions and their family receive the protection and reassurance of a MedicAlert subscription.

Systemic effect

Improved health outcomes in emergency situations for children living with a chronic illness.


It is estimated that as many as 30% of school-aged children are affected by a chronic illness. For these kids, prevalence of educational and psychological problems is nearly double in comparison with other kids. NCW aims to increase access to any child with a chronic illness. We have provided the program to over 50,000 kids but there are many more families without protection. It can be a struggle for families to cope and provide a ‘normal’ life while managing sometimes considerable health and financial needs. Children may be unable at times to participate in school and activities in the same way that their peers do, and this hinders potential. Children rely on their parents and guardians to advocate for them during an emergency. When kids spend unaccompanied time in the community MedicAlert provides a voice in an emergency. NCW improves the childhoods of participants by contributing to their health literacy, self-confidence, health outcomes and resilience. It also relieves the financial and emotional strain on the adults who care for kids with a chronic illness. MedicAlert helps kids to fully participate with their peers. Access to extra-curricular programs and exposure to other kids help them to develop and reach their full potential while giving parents the confidence to know that their child is well protected in the event of an emergency, wherever they are.

The good deed

Thanks to your good deed, a Canadian child will benefit from a MedicAlert subscription for 4 days. Access to MedicAlert helps to destigmatize and normalize the experience of living with a health condition while teaching children resilience and the tools to responsibly and confidently communicate the details of their condition while learning to advocate for their own health needs. No Child Without gives parents, guardians, family members, friends, coaches and teachers peace of mind knowing that children living with a medical condition, allergy or special need, can have vital medical information readily available and can be accurately communicated in an emergency. A valuable advantage for First Responders and the medical personnel who will assist the child.


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