good deed? Indeed!

Our project selection process

By carefully selecting our partner organizations, we ensure that your donation will help to achieve a specific goal. One of our primary tasks is choosing sustainable, transparent and impactful projects and showing you where your money goes.

Each spring, charities submit a specific project they wish to be featured in the 24 GOOD DEEDS Charity Advent Calendar. Organizations can apply through an online process.

Charities can submit a specific project to be featured in the calendar. Organizations can apply through an online process. Application
First stage of selection
Based on online applications, we determine which organizations we will consider to be our partners. We consider only Registered Canadian Charities who are transparent and are actively working toward sustainable objectives. Requirements for partner organizations
Second stage of selection
We invite suitable applicants to submit a detailed project outline. Based on a defined set of criteria, we assess the idea and the specific impact of the good deed. Criteria for evaluating the good deed
Phone interview
We will short-list 32 organizations. After personal phone interviews with each potential partner, we select 24 projects for presentation to our advisory board.
Assessment by experts
After we present them to our advisory board, the board assesses them. An independent advisory board consisting of experts from the relevant fields (environment, education, healthcare and nutrition/infrastructure) makes their final assessment. They address their concerns and may ultimately advise against supporting a given project.
We sign a contract with each approved charitable organization. This formalizes the relationship between us and commits the organization to thoroughly tracking the project progress through supporting documentation such as reports, receipts and photographs.
Into the calendar!
We include the good deed in the Advent Calendar. With every calendar ordered, an organization moves closer to reaching its goals.