The Charity Advent Calendar for
your classroom

Support & Learn

The 24 GOOD DEEDS Charity Advent Calendar helps students support projects in Canada and worldwide as you encourage their participation as part of your curriculum. When  students open a calendar door daily,  they see 24 national and global challenges that get them thinking about how they can address them. 

When can I get background information on this year’s good deeds for my classroom?

You receive your information pack in advance in order to prepare for the class. 

When you donate $48  or $72, you will double or triple the good deed’s impact.

The information material is also available if your class is not yet making a donation to 24 GOOD DEEDS.

Information material will be available in a PDF to you by mid-November. To receive the PDF, please follow these links:
Background information in English

Enhance your class’s geographical knowledge

Through the 24 GOOD DEEDS Charity Advent Calendar, your students can open a fresh window on the world daily. They will learn the location while gaining an understanding of local customs and residents’ unique living conditions.

Students will better appreciate social and ecological challenges

Behind every good deed, there is a social or ecological theme. We build awareness of each theme by showcasing concrete solutions. The 24 GOOD DEEDS team offers comprehensive background information on each project to help you encourage further learning about the context of the good deeds.

Explore personal consumer behaviour and values

The calendar offers an alternative to traditional holiday gifting. Your students can share their personal impressions and adopt a mindful, charitable approach to life that goes beyond holiday time. 

Developing solutions

Through raising, the 24 GOOD DEEDS Charity Advent Calendar encourages action. The good deeds are real-life examples of  many creative and effective solutions to the world’s problems. It also empowers students to  help resolve them.