good deed?

Project Selection- Criteria for evaluating the good deed

We evalute the applications to ensure that every organization that applies commits to the following aspects:

  • Submitting a clear and realistic concept for the implementation of the project
  • Defining the good deed and its scalability (What can be achieved with a donation of 75 cents?)
  • Identifying the target group and recognize the needs of that group
  • Demonstrate how the good deed achieves sustainable medium and long term change.

We ask applicants to describe their projects based on an impact chain. This allows us to determine whether the organization has integrated the project into their long-term strategy and whether the results are measurable.

Example of Impact Chain

Food and Education for Children in Kenya Local Charity buys food supplies and prepares daily dishes for studentsNumber of meals that have been prepared and given to children It is expected that compared to last year, a total of x students will pass their final exams.Improved educational possibilities for the students