Day 23
A varied programme of recreation for children in rural Brandenburg

What a circus!

Great leaps for children in Brandenburg

Go to school in the morning – and join the circus in the afternoon. This is what Gauklerkids stand for, bringing fun and variety to the north of the state of Brandenburg. In ten towns and villages, circus training is a popular reason to come together for children and young people – especially where there are hardly any other leisure activities. Experienced acrobats and circus educators take imaginative ideas and props to places where there is usually only a playground or a football pitch. Local and refugee children learn to unicycle, juggle, do acrobatics, theatre, trapeze acts and much more. The origin is irrelevant, because circus is international! The children communicate in many languages – but also via the glints in their eyes, by jumping through the air and by wide grins.


Leisure activities for an economically weak region of Germany to encourage children and young people.


Professional circus instructors hold weekly trainings with children and young people between the ages of 7 and 17.

Countable effort

Number of circus lessons and children that participate in the weekly acrobatics courses.


Participating children and young people get to take part in leisure activities, are physically active and gain social skills as well as a greater awareness of their bodies.

Systemic effect

Improved health and greater self-confidence for the children.


As a result of the weak infrastructure, the remote location and emigration, there are many socially disadvantaged families living in the north of the state of Brandenburg – far away from the big cities. For this target group, the region offers few attractive leisure activities. This is particularly problematic in the villages, where the last bus is usually directly after school and children and young people usually have no possibility to reach other places. That is why it is all the more important to offer attractive and sustainable local alternatives and bring life to the villages. Activity and the strengthening of self-confidence of children and young people are becoming increasingly important in this day and age. Obesity in children and adolescents is on the rise, which increases the risk of illness and mobbing. According to the latest studies, around 120 million children worldwide are obese (NCD-RisC, 2017). At the circus Gauklerkids, children lose not only their pounds but also their fears. Success and failure can always happen during training – it is important to be able to deal with disappointments and breakdowns.

The good deed

This good deed will allow another acrobatics course to be offered. With its circus education, the association promotes the individual motor, artistic and social skills of each child – regardless of language or origin. Each child finds a place in the circus where it can grow. During the performances, the children realise how much can be achieved with happiness and just a little guidance: The participants become young stars. Their self-confidence as well as mental and physical health are strengthened.



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Germany is one of the richest countries in the world. Nevertheless, according to the German Child Protection League, about 4.4 million children are affected by poverty (DKSB, 2018). Their families often cannot afford extracurricular education or leisure activities.